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Toshiba 50U5069 4K TV Review • Excellent image quality at a very low price

The novelty from Toshiba has demonstrated excellent image quality at a very low price. What is interesting about this model in terms of filling and how convenient is it to use? Everything in order – in our review.

The new 4K TV Toshiba 50U5069 can be called a “flagship killer”. With its huge display diagonal, it is well suited for most living rooms and has on board almost everything you need from modern TVs – high-definition images, good performance, modern wireless interfaces and smart features.

The Toshiba brand is known in Russia not only as a manufacturer of laptops and hard drives made in Japan, but also for audio and video equipment. The company is now expanding its presence in the home electronics market, offering highly competitive TVs with different diagonal sizes. One of them, Toshiba 50U5069, was tested by us. In this review, we will tell you about the new technologies used in equipping this device, picture quality and interface convenience.

Technological features

The TV has a number of interesting features that are worth paying attention to. First of all, it is a high-end 4-core Hisense MSD6886 processor, which not only provides fast operation in the TV interface, but also perfectly copes with smart functions, including launching applications.

Responsible for video processing ...
Video processing is handled by the CEVO 4K HDR GPU. Thanks to it, 4K video playback is carried out without delays, not only from connected media, but also over a Wi-Fi network. In addition, the system allows video recording to USB media. To do this, while watching a TV show, you just need to press the “Pause” button on the remote control.

Another technical feature of this device is the Contrast Booster, which increases the clarity of the picture and makes the colors brighter and more saturated. Another useful feature is Upscaller 4K + automatically upscales the image displayed on the TV screen to 4K resolution.

The TV has an audio system with support for Dolby Digital, DTS, which guarantees sound output in original quality. It also has the ability to wirelessly broadcast image and sound from a smartphone to a TV. We will tell you how it all works below, but for now a few words about the appearance of the new product.

Refined design

The device has a thin plastic case with a strong base, which is supported by two V-shaped metal stands. They are spaced around the edges of the display, so only a cabinet with a length of at least 900 mm is suitable for installing such a TV. The balance of the structure is calculated perfectly – the panel is firm and does not wobble. The bezels of the screen are so thin that one gets the impression of their complete absence. Of the design elements, we note the company logo modestly placed in the lower left corner, and a transparent IK sensor in the center under the bottom edge.

If you look at the TV from the side, you can appreciate how thin the display is installed in it – at the very edge its thickness is only 8 mm. The back cover is made of high-quality plastic and has streamlined contours with neat embroidery and reinforcements at the junction with the main body. This provides the structure with good rigidity and low weight.

All connectors are located on a vertical panel located perpendicular to the body. This allows easy access to the plugs, even if the TV is mounted on a wall. At the same time, the labels for the connectors are printed on the body and are visible only from the back. Therefore, for example, for USB ports, it is worth remembering which of them has an increased current so that you can connect a portable HDD.

Classic control

The TV can be turned on and controlled only with the remote control. It has a classic rectangular shape with a standard set of buttons. In its lower part, two keys stand out: white with red NETFLIX and red with white YouTube. With their help, as it is not difficult to guess, you can quickly enter the corresponding video services.

No wireless mice and AIR remotes are supported in this model, which, however, is typical for most Smart TVs. It’s a pity, because there is a built-in browser and various video services, where you have to enter text search queries and website addresses. The on-screen keyboard, where you need to select the desired letter with the arrows, is not very suitable for this. But there is still a way out: to control the TV, the manufacturer suggests using a special mobile application, where text can be entered directly on the smartphone screen.

Fast and intuitive interface

“Smart” TV capabilities are built on the basis of its own OS VIDAA U3.0, in the latest version of which has been added many improvements. It works reliably and quickly. Turning on the TV takes about 6 seconds and it takes about 4 seconds to switch between TV programs. At the same time, most of the time is spent reading information about the channel and the film broadcast at that moment.

The TV menu makes a good impression: a simple tabular structure with text labels and clear graphic icons allows you to remember where it is, and a well-thought-out menu tree with a lot of additional parameters provides quick access to certain functions. Each section has its own menu. In general settings, you can select the type of sound, filters for displaying the picture and configure the connection of devices via Bluetooth, for example, headphones. Here you can also specify the parameters for connecting to the Internet, both via the LAN port and via Wi-Fi. There are also settings for other sections, for example, for YouTube, TV applications and other functions.

For quick access to the picture and sound display presets, special buttons P.MODE and S.MODE are provided at the top of the remote control. Below them there are APPS keys – to launch a Smart TV section with various applications, and MEDIA – to access connected USB-drives and wireless devices.

It is noteworthy that this model already “out of the box” has the function of broadcasting to the TV screen everything that is displayed on the smartphone display. The phone must also support Miracast technology for this. In addition, the manufacturer recommends using the RemoteNow mobile application , which will expand the TV functions. In it, you can also type the text of search queries.

Connectivity and Smart Capabilities

As mentioned above, the Toshiba 50U5069 TV is a Smart TV that needs internet access to function. The connection can be made via a network cable to the LAN connector or via Wi-Fi. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer took care of a comfortable speed over a wireless channel, providing support in the radio module not only for the standard 2.4 GHz frequency, but also for the 5 GHz range.

This significantly expands the number of available free (not noisy neighboring routers) channels, which means that the data transfer rates are guaranteed at a very high level here. Thus, you can easily watch “over the air” not only video in Full HD, but also in 4K resolution.

App Store

In order to go to the Applications section, you just need to press the APPS button on the remote control. The TV already has a small set of preinstalled programs associated mainly with paid video services. But in the Toshiba app store, you can also find free video channels, as well as open an entire section with entertaining and educational games, including checkers and chess.

4K image quality

The TV display is equipped with an IPS matrix with 4K resolution and 178 ° viewing angles. The Direct LED backlight has a brightness of 300 cd / m² and a contrast ratio of 4000: 1, which is excellent for such an inexpensive model. The panel has a color depth of 8 bit + FRC, which produces more than 16 million color shades, and the FRC (Frame Rate Control) function significantly expands this color range. There is also support for the HDR 10+ standard, thanks to which the picture on the screen is displayed exactly as the operator intended – with a good study of details in the dark and light areas of the frame.

As tests have shown, the viewing angles of this screen are close to those stated. From any angle, the image looks equally juicy, and only at extreme values ​​does it lighten a little. Vivid color tones and vividness give the image three-dimensional, which is facilitated by the good anti-reflective coating of the display surface.

This model uses the modern HDMI 2.0 standard on all three ports, which allows you to display images in Ultra HD 4K at 60 frames per second. This means that the image from a Blu-ray player or game console will be output without loss of quality.

Dynamic sound and wireless capabilities

Despite the fact that the characteristics indicate speakers with a power of only 8 W, they are heard already at minimum volume with good clarity and pleasant bass, which, by the way, retain this quality even at the maximum level. We have not seen such a pleasant sound from the built-in speaker system even in top models.

The manufacturer does not indicate what type of Bluetooth is installed in this model, but we managed to find our wireless headphones the first time and connect them to the TV. This feature is very convenient if you do not intend to disturb your neighbors with the sounds of your favorite TV show, watching it at a later time. It should be noted that the connection of wireless headphones is not in the “Sound” section, where in the “Speakers” subsection it is possible to output sound to the soundbar via Bluetooth, but in the “System” section.


Toshiba 50U5069 is a TV with a affordable price / quality ratio, delivering juicy, bright and clear pictures in 4K resolution at 50 inches. Convenient and simple control, as well as ample opportunities for playing multimedia from Internet resources, from connected USB-drives and from a smartphone, makes this unit universal for both home theater and gaming entertainment. At the same time, the manufacturer still needs to work on the app store and the ability to connect other keypads for typing, including with voice input.