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Philips PUS7605 Review: Affordable frameless 4K TV

Philips PFL7605 Review: Affordable frameless 4K TV

There is an opinion that Philips TVs are the most popular models. One of the new 2020 lines is the Philips PUS7605 series, which includes models in 43, 50, 58 and 70 inches. In addition to 4K resolution, we see support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision, a nimble triple tuner and Smart TV.

Philips PUS7605 review

As usual, the Philips 7 Series in 2020 does without the colorful Ambilight. On the other hand, the price for these models is quite acceptable. So the 70-inch huge 70PUS7605 TV for home theater is offered for less than 700 euros. Where else can you find such a price tag on a huge diagonal? Consider the Philips 50PUS7605 4K HDR TV review from this lineup.

Philips PUS7605 review

Sure, you can find huge 4K TVs for under $ 830, but these will be TVs from cheaper manufacturers like Hisense or TCL. And these brands have enough complaints about the image quality and functionality. The Philips PUS7605 line in question really becomes competitive thanks to the price and frameless design. These TVs are in the low-budget segment.


The cheap PUS7605 series from Philips 4K makes a good visual impression. If in a similar PUS7505 line a plastic case was used, then in the TVs under consideration there is a metal frame with a good assembly. There are practically no frames around the screen in PUS7605, the series is well made and looks attractive.

The frame is made in silver, which gives the appearance of a quality model. If you prefer to hang your model on a wall, you will need a suitable VESA wall mount. For the 70th model, the bracket should be 400 × 200 mm, in other versions it is smaller.


The 50PUS7605 TV has a good picture at a low price. The Philips PUS7605 series is equipped with a UHD display with a 10-bit advertising panel. And even though Philips claims 1 billion colors on the screen, the actual color depth is 8 bits + FRC. Of the available HDR standards, we see Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10 + and HLG – perhaps the whole set for a modern 4K TV.

The 50PUS7605’s image is evenly lit and has no annoying smudges or blackouts. The picture quality is impressive, especially when viewing 4K HDR content. Contrast is very good and colors look much brighter than competing models from other manufacturers.

Even with an ordinary television picture, for example, when watching HD satellite TV channels, there is nothing to complain about. Philips 50PUS7605 copes comparatively well with weaker SD quality. But here the picture may look a little blurry, as if something is “out of focus”.

Overall, the 50PUS7605 from Philips is convincing as an image of a low-cost 2020 model. And if you can do without the bright Ambilight, then this series of cheap 4K TVs is for you. ew .

Hardware part

The Philips PUS7605 TV series has everything you would expect from a modern Smart TV. In addition to various connection options, there is a triple tuner for satellite (DVB-S2), cable (DVB-C) and antenna (DVB-T2) reception. It uses a quad-core P5 Perfect Picture processor and a Smart TV operating system.

Saphi instead of Android OS

Instead of the coveted Android option, the Philips PUS7605 series comes with its own Saphi operating system . One of the advantages the manufacturer points out is the fact that this operating system is significantly faster than Android and offers a decent selection of applications at the user’s discretion. Although this can be questioned.

Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube are available from the factory standard apps. However, there can be no talk of Google PlayStore and Google Assistant. One of the obvious disadvantages is the “cumbersome” control via the remote control. Unfortunately, a modern smart remote control is not included in the package. In addition, the Bluetooth wireless interface is not included in the specification of the PUS7605 series, this is appealed to the headphone output.

Philips PUS7605 review


For the low-end PUS7605 series, three HDMI 2.0 ports (ARC, HDCP 2.3) and a pair of USBs are sufficient. In addition, there is an optical digital output, 3.5 mm for headphones, a fast triple tuner (satellite, cable, antenna), an RJ45 LAN interface and a single-band Wi-Fi 802.11n (2 × 2).

Philips PUS7505 обзор

The side panel of the TV contains a CI + / CAM slot, a second USB – USB 3.0, HDMI 3 input – ARC – UHD – HDR, headphones a stereo 3.5 mm mini-jack. Rear TV panel: optical Toslink audio output, first USB – USB 2.0, local RJ45, satellite tuner, TV antenna, HDMI 1 – ARC – UHD – HDR input, HDMI 2 – ARC – UHD – HDR input.


In 4K budget TVs, and Philips 50PUS7605 is exactly that model, sound is one of the problems. It is often difficult, but almost impossible, to find high-quality soundtrack without an additional soundbar. The Philips PUS7605 series is no exception. All diagonals of this line support Dolby Atmos, but the built-in speakers are only suitable for watching TV programs.

In general, the sound quality of the PUS7605 is acceptable, but there is no cinema atmosphere. The manufacturer recommends purchasing a Philips PB603 soundbar with Dolby Atmos support and 300 watts output power. But other soundbars will allow you to get a decent sound scheme . The main thing is that the complete set has a separate subwoofer.

If you are looking for a large and affordable TV, then the Philips PUS7605 50 inch TV is the right choice. In addition to HDR10 + and HLG, you get Dolby Vision with extremely high contrast.
Philips PFL7605 Review: Affordable frameless 4K TV


If you are looking for a large and affordable TV, then the Philips PUS7605 50 inch TV is the right choice. In addition to HDR10 + and HLG, you get Dolby Vision with extremely high contrast. Rich colors and high detail speak for the low-cost 7605 series.

The Saphi operating system has a good response to commands. However, the benefits remain with Android. The question “Should I buy a Philips 50PUS7605 TV” can be answered positively if we talk about the price-quality ratio. Do not forget about the similar PUS7505 series – it has an even lower price with the same characteristics.