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SVS Prime Pinnacle Review • The best speaker in its price range

The SVS Prime Pinnacle is the premium outdoor speaker at the top of the SVS Prime range. This model has a three-way configuration and is equipped with a 5.25 “midrange driver as well as three 6.5” woofers. The Prime Pinnacle has a frequency range of 29Hz – 25kHz (+/- 3dB) and is rated for 300W of power input. It must be admitted that these columns embody a new level of quality for this popular company.

You can also list Prime Pinnacle’s features such as 88dB sensitivity and 8 ohm nominal impedance. The crossover for the mid-range and tweeter sections is tuned to 2.1 kHz and has a cut-off slope of 12 dB / octave. The crossover for the midrange / woofer is set at 300Hz with the same slope. The speakers use a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter. The midrange cone is made of composite fiberglass and the woofer diaphragms are made of polypropylene. The midrange and woofers feature injection-molded ABS / fiberglass composite baskets and ventilated voice coils.

Prime Pinnacle enclosures are made of MDF and have internal insulated sections for each frequency band. The rounded corners of the front panel and the alignment of the speakers have reduced diffraction and improved frequency response uniformity, SVS says. In addition, spacers are installed in the housing to reduce resonances and increase overall structural rigidity.

These are impressive speakers weighing 26 kg and measuring 103 (H) X 20 (W) X 34 (D) centimeters. This model is available in black ash or black lacquer finish.

From the very first listening in a 2.0 system without EQ or equalization, it becomes clear that SVS has developed speakers that sound more expensive than their price – a great result. Of course, you will have to optimize your speaker placement (and maybe even do some room processing) to get the correct tonal balance, but these speakers are just as worthy of proper audiophile treatment as any audiophile system at a much higher cost. Treat them right and you get clean, detailed sound with stereo imaging that extends far beyond the room and has tangible three-dimensionality.

Future Chaos by Bomb the Bass immediately filled my living room with pulsing bass and soft synth sounds that sounded lush and beautiful thanks to Prime Pinnacle. There is not even a hint of lethargy, these speakers will allow you to hear and feel all the details of a well-recorded track. The clear sound of this speaker is a sign that SVS has done a good job on its design.

The inclusion of the SB-3000 subwoofer added depth, but overall there was little difference in music performance between the 2.0 and 2.1 configurations. Also, I’m not the type to use a 2.1 system without some kind of bass EQ. This can be accomplished with the SB-3000 app and parametric equalizer, or with the built-in AV receiver or integrated amplifier equalizer / room-dependent audio correction system. However, even a simple adjustment of the subwoofer level ensured consistent system performance. This is a testament to the clever design of the speakers and subwoofer, which (subjectively) work consistently even without additional adjustment (equalization) of the sound.

Dirac Live technology works wonders for tuning low frequencies, as well as solving problems of synchronization and volume of system channels. I ran it on a NAD M10 and after EQ the system sounded even better in both 2.0 and 2.1 configurations. The sound quality of both 2.0 and 2.1 is improved by reducing the effect of room resonances and their associated peaks and dips in response.

As with other reviews, the Dirac Live-optimized 2.1 system sounds amazing. It is so good that it can match the much more expensive “audiophile” kits that you will find on some high end shows. In some of them, the mains cable will cost more than this entire system, and yet if you care about great sound, you will be hard pressed to find something better for a reasonable price than the Prime Pinnacle and SB-3000. I just enjoyed the music with this system – it handled Black Uhuru’s dense yet airy The Dub Factor just as easily as it did Ministry’s powerful and rich The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste.

As for symphonic music, the sound of Beethoven’s classical works on the disc from the Deutsche Grammophon studio was large-scale and deep – the stereo picture had the necessary breadth and impressive scope. The bass was felt on a physical level, which is important for the correct perception of live orchestral music. The flutes shine, the strings grow to impressive crescendos and you turn up the volume all the time, but the sound never gets distorted. The sound of the clarinet will tell you if the acoustics are good, but with Prime Pinnacle I didn’t even have such questions – the sound of Beethoven’s music just chilled my body, as it should be.

Since these speakers are rated for more power input than the NAD M10 Masters can handle, I connected them to my Crestron ProCise ProAmp (250W per channel). I believe that if you prefer a two-channel system configuration, without a subwoofer, then it is worth using an amplifier with the maximum recommended power output. Although it must be admitted that with the subwoofer in place and the bass set up correctly, the power of a good AV receiver or amplifier like the NAD M10 will certainly be sufficient for most living spaces.

For this review, I did not go outside the 2.1 system, but I watched several films in my living room. And I believe that powerful sound and wide stereo imaging provide an excellent soundtrack to what is happening on the screen. Dialogues were reproduced very accurately, and overall there was a sense of scale and scope – the dynamic scenes sounded very convincing. Even though there was no surround sound, the on-screen action and sound images in the room were well matched.

As I watched the adventures of Bumblebee, I was absorbed by what was happening on the screen, and I had to consciously remind myself that this is just stereo sound. It’s the same with the Captain Marvel movie: I’m sure if I had done an A / B comparison, I would have heard a noticeable difference with a multi-channel system, but the sound of the 2.1 SVS Prime Pinnacle set was still great: fun, rich and physically tangible …

I decided to focus on what additional investment in a real theater system can be for someone who already owns SVS Prime Pinnacle speakers. These speakers can be paired with a good AV receiver or integrated amplifier if your budget starts with a 2.0 system. Then I would add a subwoofer (SB-3000 is one of the options. But you can choose another, or even use two subwoofers in the system), a Prime Center speaker and a pair of rear speakers (Prime Satellite or Prime Bookshelf) to get a 5.1 configuration. … After that I would upgrade to 5.1.2 using Prime Elevation speakers. Finally, if the AV receiver supports this configuration, I would add the rear height channels.

SVS Prime Pinnacle is the premium outdoor speaker at the top of the SVS Prime range. This model has a three-way configuration and is equipped with a 5.25 "midrange driver as well as three 6.5" woofers.
The good:
  • Attractive design
  • Good sound at high power
  • Supplied assembled
  • Amplifier-friendly 8 ohm impedance
  • Deep bass
  • Easily build a complete surround sound system
  • Great for music and movies
  • Clear, dynamic, impressive sound
  • Excellent build quality
The not so good:
  • Only available in 2 finishes
  • One pair of input terminals
  • Grill holders are not magnetic
  • Most expensive speakers in the Prime series



Choosing the right acoustics for each user is a matter of taste, thanks to the incredible variety of sizes, shapes, technologies and price categories on the market today. If you are interested in getting the most accurate and captivating sound at the most affordable price, then be sure to check out the new SVS Prime Pinnacle speakers.

If you are looking for three-way speakers that sound great and are more attractively priced than their closest competitors, then this SVS speaker should definitely be on your priority list. Thanks to their dense and balanced sound, you can listen to music at high volume for hours and enjoy it. There is no doubt that the Prime Pinnacle is the best speaker in its price range right now.