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Oppo Watch Review • Combining fitness and lifestyle

Oppo comes strong and creates a stable ecosystem of devices. After testing several phones from Oppo, today is the turn of their latest smartwatch. Oppo Watch is a device that comes in two, 41 and 46 millimeters.

We have the 46 mm device, we have already used it for 3 weeks connected to an Oppo Reno 3 Pro 5G, but also to an iPhone 11 Pro, to see what the differences are and how versatile it is.


Oppo Watch has a design that combines a rectangular shape with curved edges of the screen, which gives it a pleasant fluidity. It looks at first glance with the Apple Watch, and this is not bad, in the area of ​​Wear OS not having many watches with such a design.

Oppo calls this screen design a 1.91-inch Dual-Curved flexible display. It’s a bright AMOLED display that we’ll talk about later, but it has good viewing angles and looks great on the hand. Most of the time you will not see these edges, but only in certain applications, such as Google Maps, a black frame is created around the content.

On the right side you have the two buttons, the one that opens the applications, and the bottom button opens the standard exercises, but you can program it to open anything else.

The belt is mounted through two solid points, and the thickness is not very large. In terms of dimensions, we are talking about 46 millimeters by 39 and a thickness of 12.96 millimeters including the heart rate sensor. The dial is made of an aluminum alloy and the strap is made of rubber. The weight of the watch is about 39.3 grams.

Overall, it feels like a quality smartwatch, the aluminum alloy gives it elegance, and the weight is neither too big nor too small. That way it doesn’t bother him, but he doesn’t feel like a toy either.

I expect more belts made for Oppo Watch in the future. The black rubber one is versatile and can be easily attached to the hand by inserting it in the holes available for all joints.

I liked the design and it is a successful one, inspired by Apple Watch, but without being annoying. And even if the smartwatches are not so dependent on technical specifications, let’s see what’s under the case.

Oppo Watch: Technical specifications

At the level of technical specifications, the two watches, the 46 and the 41 millimeters are identical. And Oppo didn’t intervene too much here, adopting the standard of good watches with Wear OS.

The display has 1.91 inches on version 46 and 1.6 inches on version 41. The resolution is 402 by 476 and the curved AMOLED display has a very good brightness and excellent viewing angles, both in the house and outside, with the sun in the sky.

We have a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, a storage capacity of 8 GB and a RAM of 1 GB. The watch has WiFi and Bluetooth, acceleration sensors, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, barometric sensor, pulse monitoring and ambient light.

Overall, in all applications, the clock worked smoothly and I never felt a delay. I used both the standard applications, but I also installed some from the Google Play Store. I liked the fact that GPS starts relatively quickly and switching between applications is smooth.

The watch’s battery is 430 milliamperes an hour. The theoretical lifespan for a single charge is 36 hours. In fact, I’d say we’ve been talking for about 30 hours. I used to charge it in the morning before a day’s work. Autonomy is therefore at an average level. But an advantageous thing is the fast charging VOOC Watch with the charger in the package. In about 15 minutes the clock is charged to almost 46%, and in 75 minutes to 100%. I used to put it on for about 30-40 minutes in the morning to take it from 20% to 100%.

The 46 millimeter variant has water resistance at 5 atmospheres, and the 41 millimeter variant at 3 atmospheres. We are not talking about watches for performance swimmers or various scuba, but it withstands rain, shower and a bit of fun at the pool.

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The specifications are strong, the processor and the screen make this smartwatch a high-performance one. I mentioned that it has Wear OS from Google, but it is modified by Oppo through Color OS and new functions have been added.

Oppo Watch: Software and functions

I think much of the experience of using a watch is related to the operating system. Oppo Watch has Wear OS modified by Oppo with Color OS interface.

You’ll find the traditional Wear OS experience – bottom-up notifications, top-down settings, left-to-right Google Assistant, top-to-left main apps. From the top right button you open the application menu, and from the bottom left button you open the fitness menu, but you can program it to open any other application.

Compared to a traditional Wear OS, Oppo has changed the application menu. You no longer have a simple list, but you organized them in circles, almost like at Apple, I liked the design and uses the space on the screen efficiently.

You can add new watch faces if you long press on the screen and you can search for them in the Wear OS application on your phone , also available on Android , but also on iOS. Compared to a traditional Wear OS, Oppo has added several applications, namely fitness, a heart rate monitor, a short 5-minute exercise application to energize yourself when you work from home, a sleep monitor, but also the early.

Compared to other smart watches, you don’t have an oximeter, but your heart rate and sleep monitoring is accurate. You also have the ability to breathe, a useful relaxation exercise when working in a pandemic.

For Android, on the Oppo Reno 3 Pro 5G, I also installed the HeyTap Health application. It gives you a summary of your pulse, sleep and physical activity, plus you can have different goals to accomplish. Otherwise, you can use Google Fit and voice control through Google Assistant.

At the fitness level, you have an Oppo standard for running, fat removal, walking, cycling and swimming. Although we are not in Garmin territory here, it is a watch that combines lifestyle and fitness at exactly the right level.

I also wore it during the night, although I wasn’t used to doing it with watches, and sleep monitoring is also effective. It shows you the moments when you woke up, but also those of deep sleep and shallow sleep.

Although not as full of health features as other smartwatches, such as Apple or Samsung, nor as sporty as Garmin, the Oppo Watch is the average of all these worlds and is for normal people.

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Oppo Watch is a smartwatch with Wear OS from Google, a successful design and good fitness and lifestyle functions.
The good:
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS
  • Very good processing speed
  • GPS activates relatively quickly
  • The screen has good brightness and visibility from all angles
  • Wear OS applications are well developed and integrated
  • Some custom sports modules that can be interesting
  • Successful design
The not so good:
  • At the moment you don't have many options for replacing the bracelet
  • The design of the icons in the operating system may change


Oppo Watch is a very solid smart watch and a combination of lifestyle and fitness that I like. I was attracted by the design, the fact that it is not difficult to use, that the menus are created for everyone and that they connect to both Android and iOS.