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LG Wing Review • Strange but surprisingly useful

LG Wing

At first glance LG Wing is a regular phone . It’s not much thicker than other phones, somewhere at 11mm, but instead it’s heavier weighing 260 grams. The model under test has a beautiful blue color that changes depending on how the light beats. On the front and back we have Gorilla Glass 5, and the structure is made of aluminum. On the side we have three small buttons and the card slot. Unfortunately, the back is shiny and quite slippery. Therefore, the first time I rotated the screen I used both hands, only after a long time I became comfortable using it with one hand.

The phone has rounded edges to provide a better grip, and the screen has a classic look, with fairly small black edges everywhere. So no perforation or notch because we have a pop-up camera.

What worries me about this phone is its modularity, meaning it has too many moving parts (screen, front camera) and I don’t know how reliable it is for daily use over a long period of time. Also, you will not be able to take your phone with you to the beach because you will not want sand to enter your screens. Even if it probably doesn’t ruin it, the sound of the sand trapped there will probably drive you crazy.

There’s also a fingerprint sensor under the screen that works well, but I don’t like that it turns off the screen when it’s on and takes a long time to unlock the phone.

Overall, it’s a premium phone, but I wish the back wasn’t shiny, with a matte one to provide a better grip, especially when you want to turn the screen aside.

Why you need LG Wing

Okay, but what are you doing with this screen? Why do you need him? It is useful for multitasking because you can see something at the top, a video clip or an Excel document, and at the bottom you can write an email, for example.

First of all, we are talking about a 6.8-inch P-OLED screen with a resolution of FHD + 2460 x 1080 pixels and a pretty good pixel density at 395 ppi. The small screen is 3.9-inch G-OLED with a resolution of 1080 x 1240 pixels. Also, the screens are bright enough to be easily used in the sun.

When the screen is not set aside, the LG Wing is a normal phone that you will normally use with gestures or navigation buttons. When the screen opens, new use opportunities open up.

First of all, LG suggests some applications that have been optimized for this type of use. On YouTube you can see the big picture and on the small screen you have the control buttons, in Asphalt 9 you can see the map at the bottom or you have access to gaming settings such as do not disturb or take a screenshot. In the camera application you have access to certain shooting modes, including the one with gimbal, and on the bottom screen you will see a joystick with which you can move the camera up, down, left and right without moving the phone.

You should also know that you can open an application and then turn the screen aside and use it that way, but that doesn’t mean you get extra functionality on the small display. One usage scenario that I found useful was the one in which I read a text on the big screen and on the small screen I gave feedback on messenger or whatsapp.

Another unique use is for gaming. By playing like this, you will never have problems with the phone heating up. You will never feel the heat emitted by the components because your hands will be on the display not on the back of the smartphone. I also found this method of use more comfortable because I no longer hold the phone with my hands but can support it on the table for example.

You can also make combinations of applications to use in this way. For example – chrome and youtube or gmail and a document application and so on. Another plus of this design is when you navigate with the help of Google Maps because I find it more useful to see the map horizontally when driving than vertically.

In the end, you have to get used to using it this way and it will take a while to adjust, but if you do then the potential for productivity is high.

Performance and specifications

At the level of specifications, we are talking about a premium mid-range phone that is powerful enough for most applications you would like. LG Wing has a Snapdragon 765G processor, 8 GB of RAM, and the storage space is either 128 or 256 GB. A pretty powerful setup for almost all applications, but some games with high graphics like Asphalt 9, on maximum settings, you will feel how the action hangs in the moments with many explosions or other graphics. Otherwise I had no problem in daily use.

The battery is a decent 4000 mAh and is enough to ensure a day-to-day operation. I also had very busy days when I didn’t use the phone very much and it lasted 3 days with a single charge. The second display does not consume as much energy. In a PCMark test I got a battery life of 12 hours and 30 minutes with the brightness set to 50% So you don’t have to worry about the battery in this phone. The charge is also quite good and in 30 minutes it reaches 0 to 50%.

The operating system is Android , and the LG interface is applied over it, which is not my favorite, but at least it offers you many customization opportunities. Instead, I didn’t like the fact that it also comes with a lot of bloatware, applications that you probably won’t use and that you can’t delete.

New ways of filming

We have three cameras on the back and one pop-up type for selfie, and the fact that you can use it this way means that you also have new functions. As I said earlier, the camera app comes with new features in this mode of use and you have gimbal mode, dual recording, timelapse and slo-mo, but not a dedicated photo mode. If you want to take a picture there is a button and no other settings.

In gimbal mode you have first person view mode, pan follow mode and follow mode, but unfortunately you can only shoot FHD, not 4K because this uses the ultra wide sensor of 12 MP, not the main one of 64. Gimbal shooting mode it should provide better stabilization when shooting in motion. For example, pan follow mode locks the camera on vertical axes to maintain the same angle and would be useful when watching someone walking or climbing stairs.

The results are good. The image is better stabilized than normal, but because we use an ultrawide camera we must have a lot of light for quality results. Otherwise we see noise in the image and missing details on the edges.

You also have a dual recording mode that can be useful for video chatting or for vloggers and influencers who want to show what they see, but also their reaction. And in this case, the shooting quality is only FHD.

When you take pictures you will take them with the phone in the normal position because this way you have access to all the settings and shooting modes like portrait, night mode and so on. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the photos and the dynamic range. I took pictures directly against the sun and the lens blur is small and managed to expose both the light and the dark parts well. Speaking of which, the night mode is grandpa’s, but it didn’t turn my back on me.

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The main sensor is a 64 MP with optical stabilization and f / 1.8 and produces very good frames. You can even choose to have 64 MP pictures if you want more details. Then we have a 13 MP ultrawide sensor with an f / 1.9 that allows bright images even in less ideal conditions. And the third sensor is also 12 MP f / 2.2 ultrawide. Why? Because it is used for gimbal shooting mode and has that three-axis stabilization.

Ultrawide photos are also very well exposed most of the time, and the color is similar to that obtained by the main sensor, but I also noticed deviations.

However, we can also take pictures with 2x zoom, but these are obtained by cropping the 64 MP photos taken by the main camera. And the results are pretty good.

LG Wing is not an ordinary phone. You could even say that it is the strangest phone you have ever seen!
The good:
  • Filming with gimbal
  • Increased productivity
  • WoW factor
  • Quality photos
The not so good:
  • Glossy and slippery back
  • Too modular design
LG Wing


LG Wing is a strange phone, which I didn’t like when I first saw it on the internet, but after using it for more than two weeks I started to understand it. It is a smartphone for technology lovers, for those who want to squeeze the last drop of productivity from a phone. However, I prefer the Samsung or Huawei approach when it comes to productivity on phones with its foldable models.