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PSB M4U 8 Review • A good solution for high-quality sound lovers

PSB M4U 8 are full-size wireless headphones with active noise canceling system. The model represents the most competitive price segment (about $150), in which many famous brands have been successfully performing for a long time. How can PSB M4U 8 compete with Beyerdynamic, Sony, Bose?


PSB M4U 8 are rather massive headphones, in their appearance they differ significantly from competitors. I can even assume that they tried to make them as unlike competitors as possible. The ear cups are large, made in the shape of an oval. Attaching the bowls to the headband provides a very small degree of freedom.

And you cannot turn the cups horizontally. The embroidery is soft and plump, covered with fine-grained eco-leather. The padded part of the headband is made of the same material. There are some interesting touches to the design: beautiful metal inserts in the hinge area and stylish stitching along the soft leather headband.

In my opinion, the design of the headphones is very distinctive. On the one hand, they look charismatic, but still the image turned out to be overloaded. The set traditionally includes a wardrobe trunk for carrying and storage.

Due to the size of the headphones, the case is rather massive. It is made of hard plastic, has an oval shape and takes up tangible space. All cables and accessories can be stored inside the case.

By the way, in addition to standard cables (charging and wired connection), it was a pleasant surprise to find a pair of spare ear pads in the kit.

Oval bowls PSB m4u 8

Comfort and fit 

PSB M4U 8 fits snugly on the head. It took me a while to find the most comfortable position. The headband is not very large: although its size can be adjusted, it still fits snugly against the top of the head. Due to the soft and voluminous ear cushions, the cups comfortably cover the auricle and do not create excessive pressure. Ventilation is mediocre, but this is typical for leather ear cushions. I did not experience any discomfort with prolonged wearing, although I cannot say that these are the most comfortable headphones.


The PSB M4U 8 headphones do not have touch controls. In my opinion, this is a plus. All controls are located on the back of the right earcup. Three switches are responsible for controlling playback and answering calls, turning on / off, activating the active noise canceling mode and volume control.

The controls are simple and intuitive. All switches have a good springy stroke, the headphones respond to commands instantly. Bluetooth version 4.2 is used for wireless connection, NFC is supported for simplified connection. PSB M4U 8 supports aptX HD codec for wireless transmission of high quality audio signals up to 24-bit resolution.

Active Noise Cancellation works well, dampening external parasitic noises that interfere with enjoying your favorite music. Wherein, it is worth noting good passive noise isolation. However, it seemed to me that the ANC system of the beyerdynamic Lagoon headphones works more delicately.

Controls PSB m4u 8

The base battery life is 15 hours. When compared with competitors, this is frankly not enough. If you remove the cover from the right ear cup of the PSB M4U 8, you will see 2 AAA batteries – GP NiMH GP. Thus, you can experiment with batteries to provide longer battery life. The charging itself is carried out using a USB – type C cable.

Folding mechanism PSB m4u 8
Folding mechanism PSB m4u 8

PSB M4U 8: Sound

The sound character of the PSB M4U 8 was a pleasant surprise. The sound is moderately energetic with good dynamics. They do not have overdrive in bass (many competitors are guilty of this), while the low frequency level is quite enough. When listening to music in PSB M4U 8, you get pleasure, the headphones have a good balance in terms of brightness and dynamics. High frequencies perfectly help to convey dynamics, have a lot of details, but, at the same time, they do not get tired. Moreover, this applies to various musical genres, including complex ones.

The PSB M4U 8 uses 40mm drivers as speakers. Before playback, the signal undergoes additional processing using the proprietary RoomFeel technology to ensure the most natural sound, as PSB engineers understand it. The musical style of PSB M4U 8 cannot be called neutral; the lower mids and upper bass are significantly accentuated in the sound.

This effect is especially noticeable on male vocals. In the performance of the M4U 8, it turns out to be solid and comes to the fore.

Wardrobe trunk PSB m4u 8
Wardrobe trunk PSB m4u 8
The playful and dynamic sound of the M4U 8 fits perfectly into the travel headphone concept. 
The good:
  • Dynamics
  • Sound
  • Comfort
The not so good:
  • Battery life
  • Size


PSB M4U 8 is a good solution for high-quality sound lovers. The model is not without its drawbacks: the headphones are massive and the case takes up a lot of space, and the battery life is poor. The strong point is the sound. The playful and dynamic sound of the M4U 8 fits perfectly into the travel headphone concept.