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iDragon EP-028 PRO Review • A Chinese copy of the original Apple AirPods Pro?

Wireless headphones are comfortable and practical. They are especially necessary for active people who often go in for sports. Apple AirPods Pro has a lot of copies that are cheaper than Apple products. However, are they so reliable and of high quality compared to the relatively expensive original? One of them is iDragon EP-028 PRO, this is the second, improved version from this manufacturer. In the article, we will analyze the main characteristics of the device, its advantages and disadvantages compared to the original headphones.

Appearance and design

In its appearance, the model resembles Apple AirPods Pro: the color and case are the same. But compared to the previous model, there are some changes: the shape has become a little curved. Manufacturers explain this decision by improving ergonomics, so that the headphones do not fall out even with active movement.

The quality of the plastic differs from the original: it is thinner and slightly more rigid.

IDragon EP-028 PRO ear cushions are attached with a small magnet

Ease of use

In user reviews, there are no comments regarding an uncomfortable landing. The manufacturer claims that the model is suitable for sports, especially running and cycling. The headphones themselves are small, so they do not cause discomfort even with prolonged use. The ear cushions are soft, do not press in the auricles.

I was completely satisfied with the fit of the model in the ear, the capsule sits tightly enough, there is no impression that the headphones will fall off now. During sports, the headphones were always in place.

Includes iDragon EP-028 PRO lightning cable and set of replacement ear pads


With these wireless headphones, you can not only listen to music, but also communicate. It would be much more convenient to manage the device and configure its basic functions if there was a developed, most thoughtful application. Especially uncomfortable for those who have previously used Apple AirPods Pro. There is a wish to include in the application the ability to change all key sound parameters and set them by default.

The headphones also have a built-in function to automatically pause when removing the device from the ears. Users claim that this feature is not finalized. Because sometimes it works automatically due to a strong gust of wind.

The quality of the headset is poor. On the street, interlocutors periodically complain of poor audibility.

The active noise cancellation system also did not impress me. White noise, which is used to suppress noise in quiet rooms, begins to come out ahead, making it uncomfortable to listen to headphones. Because of this, I usually turn off the ANC system altogether.


You can switch songs, pause playback, and answer and reject calls using the touch panels on the headphones themselves. However, sometimes they do not always work correctly, or they do not work at all, so you have to control everything through your phone. By the way, I have seen reviews in which they write that touch control works by itself, which becomes very inconvenient, especially in those moments when your hands are busy. I myself have not encountered such manifestations.


Compared to the previous model, the sound insulation has been improved. The sound quality is more than satisfactory for everyday use. The volume is high and a surround sound effect is created. Even in noisy places, you can enjoy music. All sounds are heard clearly.

The bass in the headphones is discreet but neat enough. High frequencies are moderately pronounced and do not cut your ears with excessive “sand” For the nature of the sound of the headphones, given the cost of the device, you can put 4+.

Battery life

It cannot be said that batteries last a long time. A full charge is enough for 6-8 hours of listening to music. Many people note that after 2-3 months of device operation, the charging time does not increase, but the duration of its continuous operation is significantly reduced.

IDragon EP-028 PRO headphones are charged with a lightning cable


iDragon EP-028 PRO is a Chinese copy of the original Apple AirPods Pro headphones. The copy is inferior in its technical characteristics to the original device. The similarity is only in design and appearance. The rest of the original is superior to the iDragon EP-028 PRO. Considering that this is the second improved model of the Chinese copy, then this is a good option for relatively little money.