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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review • A fun game worth trying

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the successful sequel to the exclusive PS4 Spider-Man game released two years ago. It comes with the same good things, it changed others that didn’t work, but it’s too short.

Spider-Man from 2018 was a very pleasant surprise, a fun action game that also has a good narrative thread. One of the best games of 2018. In 2020 comes a sequel with a new protagonist, another Spider-Man, namely Miles Morales. This title is not exclusively for PS4 , because it is also available on PlayStation 5, which will be released on November 19.

With the transition to the new platform, the game brings new features and technologies, but I will write about it another time, after I get a PS5. Until then, we focus on what the game offers for those with PS4.

As I said, in this new title you get into the clothes of Miles Morales, the one I met in the previous game, and while Peter Parker is leaving New York, it is your duty to defend the city from a new organization. of criminals “The Underground”, who want to steal a technology called Nuform from Roxxon, which also do not seem to be the cleanest.

Miles is a teenager on winter vacation, with a lot of common sense and a good heart, who wants to help those around him. Unlike Peter Parker, Miles Morales is not as “witty” in conversations, but that’s good because no one wanted a Peter Parker 2.0. On the contrary, Miles Morales has his own personality and culture, and I especially appreciated the fact that in English conversations with his mother, sentences or Spanish words crept in. Also with positive changes, I would note the presence of a deaf-mute character in the game. They could have done it any other way, but they chose to do it that way and it’s very cool.

In the introduction to the article, I said it was too short. Unfortunately, the new Spider-Man game ends too quickly and leaves you wanting more. You complete the campaign in about 10-11 hours and the extra content probably adds another 4-5 hours of play. At the same time, Spider-Man’s 2018 campaign spans more than 20 hours.


In terms of gameplay, Spider-Man: Miles Morales has remained just as much fun and gives you a complex and dynamic combat system, and exploring New York swinging from one building to another is fantastic. After the first spider webs pulled on the buildings, I thought I missed it and continued to throw myself off the buildings. In addition, Miles seems to have more fun than Peter when he walks around the city and does all sorts of schemes in the air, without input from the player.

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As in the past, accumulated experience helps you increase in level, then assign points to certain abilities. You can unlock costumes, changing your look, but also certain features (-25% less damage from ranged attacks). The beauty is that the game doesn’t lock you in a certain costume and you can change those features. Then you have four more gadgets to help you in battle. What’s new: Miles’ bioelectricity skills, devastating attacks on enemy groups, but also bosses. To use them you have to hit opponents and each combo charges the ability.

As in the past, Spider-Man is quite fragile, especially in the beginning, and you have to use his mobility to win battles. Another new ability is to make yourself invisible for a certain period of time. This makes it possible to approach several battles in stealth mode, which I find extraordinary. Many times I preferred to get rid of more enemies like this, only then to use my venom abilities.

Graphics & Sound

The game looks good in 1080p resolution on a 4K TV, but it does not compare to the way it is displayed on a PS5 with ray tracing (from what I saw on the internet). Voice acting is also at a high level and I liked all the characters. Especially Miles, whom I felt like a real teenager. But I was surprised to find several graphic bugs in the game: dubbing a character, graphic glitches, missing audio to certain lines of dialogue of a character. It’s nothing serious, but weird considering the level of finish of the exclusive PlayStation games.


Miles Morales is a fun game worth trying. If you liked the first Spider-Man, you will appreciate it as well. If you haven’t tried them then I recommend both. And if you are going to get a PS5 then you will want to try this title as well.