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Mio MiVue C530 Review • High image quality and excellent set of functions

Mio has released a new model of the DVR – MiVue C530. Like other representatives of the C-series, it is made in a compact body and has a 2-inch screen. The smaller the recorder, the less space it takes up on the glass – the less it interferes with the view.


On the left side of the device (if you look at it from the side of the screen) there is a miniUSB power connector. On the right – control buttons. Frankly, at first we were confused by this arrangement – why not make the buttons on the left, in the driver’s field of vision. But practice put everything in its place.

Is it the same button? ...

The fact is that one and the same button can have different purposes – it is displayed next to it on the screen. If the controls were on the left, you would have to press them with your thumb and do it exclusively from the bottom so as not to close the screen. This is not as convenient as working with your index finger along the right side. So there are no complaints.

For installation on glass, the manufacturer suggests using the Velcro bracket, which is included in the kit. In its lower part there is a spherical hinge with guides for attaching the device itself.

Thus, the recorder can be turned in the desired direction, and, if necessary, removed and put into the “glove compartment”. True, the guides quite tightly come into contact with the grooves (otherwise the backlash would interfere with shooting), and it is not always easy to pull out the device.


As it has become fashionable recently, Mio MiVue C530 received not just a GPS sensor, but also a GPS camera base. The DVR has more than 60 warning combinations. The function is extremely useful, given the proliferation of stationary control posts, but it is absolutely impossible to travel around Moscow with it. Cameras are found at every step, and during the movement one has to hear an almost continuous monologue about control devices. Partly because the warning texts themselves are long. They can be easily reduced to the informative “sixty camera ahead” – perhaps then they will not merge.

Mio MiVue C530 also warns about average speed cameras (Avtodoria, Avtouragan). Moreover, the device takes into account your current speed when issuing alerts: the faster you drive, the greater the distance from the camera the warning will sound.

The shooting quality is pretty decent. Full HD resolution is enough to make out the license plates of cars in adjacent lanes at city speeds.

With the onset of darkness, the detail decreases, but not critical. At least on the lit streets, the numbers remain distinguishable. The 150 ° field of view is more of a compromise between wanting to include as much as possible in the frame and fighting the inevitable distortion of ultra-wide angle lenses.

You can take a picture by pressing one of the buttons on the right side. But you need to understand that the sensor is only 2 megapixels, so good quality is obtained at relatively low speeds.

Another thing is that in the event of an accident, you can remove the recorder, disconnect the power cord and take a few pictures while the device is running on battery power. Thus, both video and photo of the consequences will be stored on one memory card .

The new model of the Mio MiVue C530 DVR can not only record in Full HD, but also take photos, as well as warn about cameras on the road using GPS bases.

The presence of a battery provides another important feature – an autonomous parking control mode. Even when the ignition is off, when the shock sensor is triggered, the device can start recording (when the “Parking” mode is activated). In standby mode, it can stay for about 2 days without recharging.

Special thanks to the manufacturer for the special MiVue Manager software. This program for Windows and Mac allows you to get a bunch of useful information about the parameters of the car’s movement by analyzing the video from the MiVue C530. For example, with its help, you can find out not only the speed at the current moment, but also the accelerations along different axes.

In the case of a detailed analysis of the incident, this will help to understand how actively you braked or accelerated, entered the turn. Also, through MiVue Manager, you can see not just the coordinates of the car with the recorder, but its position on the Google map. True, the program itself, obviously, was developed a dozen years ago – at least, the interface is frankly outdated.


Mio MiVue C530, we would attribute to the middle class of DVRs. The device offers high image quality and an excellent set of functions: GPS informant, recording from the built-in battery, the ability to take photos.