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Philips OLED + 935 introduces the P5 processor with artificial intelligence

Philips TV launched AI functionality in early 2020, in the first stage to provide improved image quality performance for its new OLED TVs; it is not an easy task, given that the existing OLED TVs had already won 80 “Best-TV” awards in the European media in 2019.

The improved AI Philips TV functionality will be introduced for the first time on the new premium model – OLED + 935 – it is based on the already exceptional P5 performance of existing OLED TVs, complemented by the addition of additional power provided by a new dedicated AI chip.

OLED + 935 is the first TV to have a new unique anti-burn-in system designed to protect OLED screens.

The unique anti-burn-in solution uses advanced logo detection technology and monitors a grid of 32,400 areas to accurately detect static content and gradually reduces the intensity of local lighting, avoiding pixel burn – without compromising image quality.

The fourth-generation P5 processor can accurately analyze and record Maximum Content Light Level (MAX CLL) in HDR10 metadata from 1000 nits to 4000 nits.

Philips TV also included two new modes – Pure Cinema mode and a new version of Movie mode

The new Movie mode adjusts the clarity of the image with a “de-judder” effect, working in combination with the “de-blur”, to counteract any OLED-specific display errors, but also for moviegoers and sports fans, for eliminate visual artifacts or “soap opera” effects. This setting is ideal for moviegoers and sports lovers.