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Panasonic TP-55ZT110 – Transparent OLED TV coming December 2020

Panasonic is introducing a 55-inch transparent OLED display with excellent picture quality. Sales of the TP-55ZT110 model will begin in December 2020 – in the markets of Japan and the Asia-Pacific region, and then around the world.

The ultra-thin OLED panel resembles a transparent sheet of glass and can fit seamlessly into any space. Its thickness does not exceed 1 cm (55ZT100: 3.8 mm, 55ZT110: 7.6 mm). All parts and elements inside the display module are securely vacuum bonded to minimize reflection loss and improve transparency.

OLEDs do not require additional illumination and can display bright, high quality images with a wide viewing angle. At the same time, the panel allows you to see the objects located behind it, which allows it to be used in the design of spaces.

TP-55ZT110 is a multifunctional device that combines the best features of transparent and conventional display. It is equipped with an original Panasonic dimmer that adjusts the light transmittance and can switch the screen between “Transparency Mode” and “Black Mode”. In Black Mode, the dimmer significantly reduces the amount of light passing through the panel from the rear, making the displayed image clearly visible even in brightly lit rooms – with high contrast and deep black levels without disturbing reflections or glare.

The versatile modular design allows transparent OLED to be used in a wide variety of areas – not only in residential buildings and apartments, but also in commercial facilities (shopping malls), advertising in transport and social infrastructure. In addition, panels can be combined to display large images. The transparent panel can be used as a digital signage (info panel), as well as for displaying images in a large space, such as a shop window.

Since 2016, Panasonic has demonstrated prototypes of transparent displays at major consumer electronics exhibitions: IFA (Germany), CES (USA), Milano Salone (Italy), China International Import Expo (China), and CEATEC (Japan). All this time, the company has continuously improved transparent OLED technology, while simultaneously studying the issue of commercialization. The current decision to launch sales reflects favorable conditions and the presence of demand in the market, including, supported by the development of technology, communication infrastructure (5G) and the accelerated diversification of content.

Panasonic expects that the new product, which draws on the corporation’s many years of expertise and experience in the field of television technology, will find wide application in both the consumer and B2B segments.