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The most important Google Chrome update in recent years

Google is supposedly ending 2020 with major improvements for Chrome . The latest update is thus described as the biggest improvement in the last few years , which is significant despite the fact that this browser holds by far the largest number of users.

Big changes

The changes that come with the new update affect the browser to be fixed on several fronts. The first is related to tabs, and it works by putting active tabs first , while those that are not used remain in the background. In this way, the CPU load is reduced by as much as five times, and the battery life is extended by more than an hour. The second is that even Chrome launches faster , and the browser activates 25% faster than before, while pages open 7% faster and use less power and RAM than before.

There is also a tab search , which will be most useful to those who often get lost in this section. Users will be able to see all open tabs, regardless of which window they are in, and to quickly find the one they need at a given time. In addition, the address bar becomes faster and more useful, and with the help of something called Chrome Actions – a function that helps to perform the desired tasks with just a few clicks.

All the changes together make one of the most significant updates lately, and concentrate on efficiency, which in modern times is at the very top of the necessary features of any product.