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The change in Gmail that should help you be more organized

In Gmail, there’s a sidebar that provides quick access to Calendar, Keep, and Tasks – all features that help keep users organized and productive. Furthermore, Google intends to add Contacts to the side panel so you know exactly who you’re talking to and who you’re emailing to.

Gmail’s sidebar makes it easy to access information at a glance. You can view your calendar, tasks or notes right next to emails. And now Google has announced a new side panel option : Contacts .

Once it launches in the next two weeks, you’ll be able to view all the details of a carefully organized contact next to their messages.

More and more organized

The new feature is an improvement over the small cards that appear when you hover over contact images that provide just the simplest details, such as name and organization, as well as a few shortcuts for email, messaging, and video chat.

When you touch the “More information” button, the side panel will open.

In it, you will see the same information and shortcuts, but also phone numbers, addresses and if you have received emails or messages from them. Of course, phone numbers and addresses are only available when you add them to your contacts


The side panel is especially important for organizations that use Google Workspace. If details are added appropriately by administrators, employees will be able to see which team their colleagues are on, who manages them, the office and office location, and more.

The new sidebar has already started launching, and should be available to all Gmail users in the next two weeks.

“We hope this feature makes it easier to collaborate and connect with key stakeholders,” Google said in a blog post .

To maximize functionality, users should have fully completed data in Google Workspace applications.