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Synology announces new features with the release of DiskStation Manager 7.0

Synology® Inc. announced version 7.0 of the DiskStation Manager operating system – a solid information management platform with reliability tested and widely demonstrated. The new DSM, presented at the


event , brings new technologies for storage, back-up and hybrid cloud.

“Large amounts of data are subject to processing, whether for data analysis, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, telemedicine or other innovations. All of this has a huge impact on our lifestyle and the way we do business, forming a data economy in which having as much data as possible gives you a competitive advantage over others. ” said

Philip Wong, Synology Founder and Chief Executive Officer

. “Synology is dedicated to development on DSM, our main platform for solving security, reliability and management challenges.. We design solutions for all categories of users, from individuals to large enterprises. We offer all this so that our customers can focus on using the data. I am pleased to announce that DSM 7.0 will be available in 2021, providing a new experience in data management. ”

DSM 7.0 improves all aspects of the operating system, from storage management and user interface to cloud functionality, such as large-scale device monitoring and on-demand storage.

“Our development teams have worked hard to improve reliability, performance, scalability and the way the user interacts with DSM 7.0,” said

Derren Lu, Executive VP of Operating System & Application Group

. “Starting with the basics, we completely upgraded the storage subsystems, the working interface and returned to the design board to make the authentication process easier and more secure. We have focused on innovating by creating powerful, easy-to-use applications and tools, giving our customers the ability to manage their data more easily. ”

Starting with the basics, the new storage features in DSM will greatly simplify and speed up system administrators’ workflows, providing much more accessible maintenance practices.

Smarter and more flexible functions

The new method of replacing storage units is much simpler. When a drive is nominated for replacement, and a new storage drive is inserted, the DSM system will clone the data from the old drive to the new drive without degrading the files. At the same time, the auto-repair function facilitates the management of remote storage units. Thus, when a storage space is degraded and a drive needs to be replaced, all you have to do is log in to the DSM and mark that space for auto-repair. An on-site engineer will replace the defective unit, and DSM will immediately begin rebuilding the array.

SSD cache is a great way to increase system performance, and DSM 7.0 now allows users to add or disable it at any time without affecting services. The new SSD Cache Advisor feature is more accurate, analyzing real-time I / O data, resulting in better user feedback.

Additional storage improvements

DSM 7.0 also brings serious optimizations to the subsystems, offering:

  • RAID 6 performance up to 80% faster
  • SSD cash write-back speeds up to 200% higher
  • Faster and smarter RAID repairs, repairing only the affected space
  • Increased performance with SSD cache and metadata fixing option
  • Support for volumes up to 1PB for archiving tasks
  • Volume de-duplication for significant increases in storage efficiency (Available later)

Faster and more secure authentication

In DSM 7.0, authentication is much more flexible with Synology Secure SignIn, a new mobile application that allows system administrators to secure accounts effortlessly. Using Secure SignIn, users can remove passwords by authorizing login requests directly from their phones. Secure SignIn can also be used as a secondary authentication method in two-step login mode.

FIDO2 will also be introduced in the new DSM, providing a secure authentication method that can be used with security keys via USB, Windows Hello and TouchID from macOS. As with Secure SignIn, FIDO2 can replace or supplement passwords, providing users with minimal interference and additional security.

Fiber Channel Support & SAN Manager

DSM 7.0 now also supports FC (Fiber Channel) protocols. We also introduce new “host alias” features that eliminate the need to remember IQNs or WWPNs and simplify the configuration of permissions. Thus, SAN Manager replaces iSCSI Manager for unified storage management.

Better photo management

The new Synology Photos application is based on the AI ​​functions in Moments and the organizational flexibility offered by Photo Station. Users can easily back up photos from their mobile devices or cameras, browse, filter with extended options, and organize them through Timeline or Folder view options. Alternatively, you can create dedicated albums so that photos that meet certain criteria are added automatically.

The Photos application is a completely local solution, which means that no network connectivity is required to perform tasks such as facial recognition, a mandatory requirement for absolute privacy.

Additional improvements

DSM 7.0 includes a number of usage and functionality enhancements, giving existing users new management options and capabilities.

  • The Synology Drive Management Console displays clearer and more detailed information about connected devices and what files are shared externally and how often this is done.
  • The administrator delegation allows the IT department to have precise control over administrative permissions, avoiding potential security risks.
  • Exporting permissions and tracking changes greatly improves administrators’ audit capabilities
  • (Available later) Active Backup for Business will provide full backup for macOS and Synology DSM platforms

Synology C2 Cloud

“We see the future of IT infrastructure as a combination of both cloud and local solutions. Different challenges require different approaches, and Synology is able to create innovative products that maximize the unique potential of both, ”said

Jia-yu Liu, Executive Vice President of Cloud and Backup

. “Our Synology C2 cloud platform has grown significantly since its inception over three years ago, so we are excited to now unveil our next-generation features that will help enhance both our existing and future solutions. ”

Cloud storage on request

Hybrid Share offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for combining local storage with cloud storage. It allows users to expand local storage with on-demand cloud storage and quickly synchronize data across multiple sites using their bandwidth. It also allows the use of the on-premises cache feature for frequently downloaded cloud data, providing faster access.

Monitoring the entire fleet

Active Insight allows you to monitor all Synology NAS in the infrastructure, using only one portal. Custom notifications can be created to alert administrators to potential issues involving CPU loading, storage usage, write latency, and more. Administrators can also create custom groups and communication channels for specific teams so that they can respond as quickly as possible.

Unlimited backup

Based on the robustness of Synology C2, Synology will introduce a new data protection solution that allows direct backup on Synology C2. Support for Windows and Windows Server, Linux, macOS, VMware or Hyper-V hypervisors, as well as popular SaaS platforms will provide full support for most IT environments. Storage capacity can be scaled for maximum profitability, and subscribers will enjoy very good flexibility to pay for the service.

Additional information will be announced in 2021.


DSM 7.0 will be available as a free update for compatible Synology devices. The Beta version is available at