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Microsoft will support Android applications on Windows 10 in 2021

Although it is already possible to run Android applications on Windows 10, thanks to emulators such as Bluestacks, it seems that Microsoft will remove the middleman and move directly to allocate support for Android directly in the operating system.

Zac Bowden , a journalist at  Windows Central , says that Microsoft is considering bringing apps from Android and Windows to 2021. Specifically, Bowden tells us that they will be accessible from the Microsoft Store.

We have no information on how Microsoft will implement this and whether it will deliver Windows for devices with Arm platforms. Finally, it is understood that most Android applications are developed for Arm devices .

Many applications, such as Gmail, Uber, etc., require support for Google Play Services , but it is unclear whether Microsoft intends to support this suite as well. But no other platforms that offer factory-compatible compatibility for Android apps (such as BlackBerry 10, older Windows 10 Mobile) have native support for Google Play Services.

However, this type of support would be welcome on stable versions of Windows 10, especially since MacOS has received support for iPad and iPhone applications. And this may encourage many Android developers to develop compatible applications for larger screens as well, given that there have been a few complaints about foldable devices, for example.