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HP U28 4K is the first monitor made entirely of recycled plastic

HP has launched the HP U28 4K HDR monitor, the first display dedicated to content creators, which will be available  January 2021. The monitor is the first for consumers to use recycled plastic near the oceans, the equivalent of three plastic water bottles.

The U28 monitor is also designed for creative professionals, beginners or enthusiasts looking for solutions to bring their ideas to life:

  • Image: With IPS panel, HDR capability and wide angles, this 4K monitor allows you to create an image as clear as eye perception
  • Real colors. Creativity is enhanced by optimizing the monitor, with integrated color calibration, which provides accuracy. Any project reaches a higher level thanks to integrated options, such as Design for Web and Design for Photography . In addition, the HP Eye Ease has a blue light filter that does not affect color accuracy.
  • A device that can be customized. The workspace can be customized according to needs. The best content can be created with extra comfort, using the personalization function. Also, the workspace is better organized using a single USB-C cable to connect and charge multiple devices.

The HP UP28 4K 28-inch monitor will be available starting in January 2021. The monitor currently costs $ 410.