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Apple gets another hit: what’s the $113 million bill?

Apple is a brand appreciated by many worldwide, and they say they are not only excited, but also fans of the company. But Americans also make mistakes and manage to annoy their users. That’s what happened when he intentionally slowed down phone performance to mask battery issues.

It happened in 2016, but the bill came now. And it’s not small at all.

Apple agreed to pay $ 113 million

The American company agreed to pay this amount precisely in order to resolve a dispute with attorneys general from 34 American states. They went to court and accused the producer of bad practices. Basically, to hide the fact that some models have problems with the battery, he resorted to various techniques.

Apple has slowed the performance of the device to mask these problems. The amount will be divided between California and 33 other US states, Attorney General Xavier Becerra said on Wednesday.

“The agreement agreed today provides access to information for consumers to buy and use Apple products,” Becerra said.

The agreement signed by the complaining states, mainly Arizona, Arkansas and Indiana, is different from the collective action in which Apple acknowledged that it slowed the performance of certain phones and agreed to pay up to $ 500 million to affected users to put an end to legal action.

In 2016, Apple took advantage of a software update designed for iPhone 6, 7 and SE phones to slow down the speed of the processors, in the idea that the battery of the phones should not cause an overheating or a sudden shutdown. The United States claims that Apple has deceived its customers and should have replaced the batteries or publicly informed that there is this problem with the batteries.

Apple has denied the allegations and did not admit it violated the law.