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Magnat Omega CS 12 subwoofer: 12” reinforced driver and up to 1,100 watts of power

Magnat Omega CS 12 subwoofer

The Magnat Omega CS 12 subwoofer is a relatively compact active system with a 12-inch amplified driver. The model is equipped with an amplifier with a peak power of 1,100 watts and a DSP block for building sound for the room and main speakers.

The manufacturer paid special attention to the emitter with a double membrane and a special coating, which provides additional strength and power reserve. According to Magnat, the emitter has been specifically optimized for ultra-low frequencies.

The sub is capable of playing sounds in the range from 18 to 200 Hz. It is also worth considering the presence of a 70mm coil and 170mm ferrite magnet. The speaker was designed using Klippel technology.

The built-in Class D amplifier operates at up to 525 watts in typical mode and can deliver 1,100 watts peak. The processor is responsible for the frequency response, as well as a set of user adjustments. The Omega CS 12 subwoofer received four control knobs on the rear panel: volume, crossover setting, phase, bass boost up to +8 dB.

The body is made of MDF. According to Magnat, it is impossible to obtain a more harmonious and compact design with all the available characteristics. The subwoofer was equipped with Extended Surface Dampers “stable” legs. Exterior finish – piano lacquer.

On the European market, the cost of the new Magnat Omega CS 12 subwoofer for DC and music was approximately 900 euros.