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Dynaudio Heritage • Designed for true music lovers

Dynaudio Heritage

Dynaudio has released a limited edition Dynaudio Heritage Special bookshelf speaker , handcrafted from start to finish, inside and out, in its own factory in Denmark. This project was started outside of the company’s global plans and was developed in total secrecy in the laboratories of Dynaudio Labs, and is now ready to be released.

The Heritage Special is a tribute to some of Dynaudio’s most iconic speakers of yesteryear, including the Crafft, Contour 1, Special Twenty-Five and a few others. On the outside, these speakers look like much adored retro, but on the inside they are defiantly modern.

Handcrafted body

The Heritage Special will be released in a limited edition of 2,500 pairs worldwide. She has a case made of MDF 19 mm thick and finished with durable natural veneer of American walnut. It is ribbed internally for added rigidity and lined with heavy bitumen mastic to minimize unwanted resonances.

Each walnut veneer (including the thin stripes surrounding the bezel) is matched to its companions – and those for each speaker are compared to each other – for complete consistency in the finish patterns. The body goes through three stages of careful sanding and

Premium technology

The front panel tweeter board inherits from the highly acclaimed Esotar T330D. Behind it, however, sits the newest Esotar3 tweeter found in the top-of-the-line Confidence loudspeaker family. This is the finest and most sophisticated tweeter Dynaudio has ever produced – with a large rear chamber, a powerful aerodynamically tuned neodymium magnet system, a Hexis anti-resonant inner dome and a signature precision coated soft dome.

Perfect woofer design

The Heritage Special’s bass / midrange driver is an enhanced version of what can be found in the discontinued $ 85,000 Evidence Platinum speaker. You may also notice that it overlaps the edges of the bezel and its signature bevel, as it did in the old days. The 18W75 XL Heritage Special MSP woofer / midrange driver (not every name needs to be short) shares Evidence’s exponential cone design, but now takes original technology to the next level of excellence:

  • The improved voice coil uses the classic aluminum construction with an internal magnet, but now on a fiberglass frame.
  • The new magnet system uses both neodymium and ferrite magnets to fine-tune the flux around the voice coil windings, which reduces second harmonics and improves sound clarity.
  • The new asymmetric Nomex centering disc, such as the Confidence and Contour i, gives even more control over the movement of the long-throw diffuser.

Custom crossover

The “brain” of the speaker – its crossover, was developed by the company’s engineers literally “from scratch”. It uses the classic Dynaudio first-order topology, realized with high-quality components from the German manufacturer Mundorf (including its famous Evo Oil condensers), as well as custom-made parts selected in the Dynaudio Labs. The crossover uses local impedance correction and timing technology for each driver to ensure a smooth transition between them.

The inside of the speaker is wired with 12 AWG CS12 cable from Van den Hul, as well as Swedish-made damping material. And to connect the loudspeakers to an amplifier, Dynaudio opted for WBT and its ultra-high level 710 Cu mC NextGen terminals.

Designed for true music lovers

Each pair of Heritage Specials has their own number engraved on the brushed aluminum back. This is a great chance for those lucky enough to have a pair like this to be able to say that their listening room has a unique piece of Dynaudio history.

“These loudspeakers are built with a passion for music by our R&D, production and marketing teams ,” said Otto Jorgensen, Director of Product Management, Dynaudio. “Our initial listening session with the first pair of Heritage Specials was supposed to last just 20 minutes, but it ended more than two hours later. I think this says everything you need to know about these columns. We just love them. “

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