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Fitbit brings Google Assistant to two important watches with a new update

Fitbit updated two important watches this week, bringing support for Google Assistant. Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3 , which is now part of the famous virtual assistant. We have more details below.

Both laptops have received the latest software version of Fitbit OS 5.1 , which offers in addition to Alexa the option to use Google Assistant. This update also brings new ways to measure the level of oxygen in the blood on the terminals that support this. The firmware will arrive on other Fitbit units in the next period. SpO2 monitoring is important during this period, both to be aware of the capacity of your lungs, but also in the context of Vo2 Max to find out how resistant you are to exertion.

The best news is that now you are no longer required to see your SpO2 only on the watch face, but you can check it from the dedicated area.

As for Google Assistant, it allows you to see the weather on your watch, start exercising, check how much you’ve slept and even control smart devices in the house. With this update, Alexa also receives the function to give you audio replicas to commands. And call and messaging functionality is improved with the new software. You can now use the microphone and speaker of the watch to answer the call from the phone connected to the watch.

For the beginning, the update has arrived in the USA and by the end of the year it should come to Europe as well.