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Sony launches the professional full-frame FX6 camera


Sony has officially announced the new FX6 camera (model ILME-FX6V), the latest addition to the Sony Cinema Line range, a series of products that brings the company’s experience in terms of image technology to a wide segment of directors and content creators.

The Sony Cinema Line range, which includes VENICE and FX9 cameras, delivers top-of-the-line cinema content, thanks to Sony’s long experience in digital camera production, as well as increased operability, thanks to the body’s innovative design, extended durability and intuitive customization.

As part of the new Cinema Line range, the new FX6 camera incorporates Sony’s top technologies in terms of image sensors, processing engines and autofocus (AF) performance. The FX6 is also compatible with a wide range of Sony E-mount lenses to provide extended creative flexibility.

“The new FX6 is the latest example of Sony’s motivation to constantly push the boundaries of imaging technology, based on the needs of our customers, ” said Yann Salmon Legagneur, Director of Product Marketing, Digital Imaging, Sony Europe . ” With the evolution of our Cinema Line range, we are dedicated to supporting the extraordinary abilities and talent of today’s content creators and film enthusiasts. The FX6 enjoys top Sony technologies built into the VENICE cameras dedicated to the film segment, which it combines with the most innovative Sony Alpha technologies implemented on mirrorless cameras .

Cinema Line is a range of Sony-looking cinematic professional cameras, built by cultivating Sony’s long experience in digital film production, offering increased operability and reliability that meet the most demanding requirements of a wide range of content creators.

Cinema Line also includes the digital camera dedicated to the cinematographic field, VENICE – very appreciated in the field of feature material, but also of episodic productions, but also the professional model FX9, popular for making documentaries and drama series. With the new FX6, Sony brings versatile creative tools for the needs of any type of “visual storyteller”.

Tnew FX6 full-frame camera in the Cinema Line range will be available starting in December 2020, and can be purchased from authorized Sony dealers.