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Samsung Galaxy S21 Fingerprint Scanner Details Revealed

Samsung plans to introduce the Galaxy S21 series in the first months of next year. While it is not long before we see the new Galaxy S series, information about the phones continues to emerge. The latest rumor raised states that a different fingerprint scanner will be used in the Samsung Galaxy S21 models.

South Korea-based smartphone maker Samsung continues to be one of the strongest brands in the market every year, especially with its Galaxy S series flagship smartphones. The company is preparing to introduce its new smartphone series Galaxy S21 models in the first months of next year .

As with almost every smartphone model, some information about the Samsung Galaxy S21 models is also emerging, although they have not yet been introduced. Another detail about the Galaxy S21 model , whose photos about the design and later the promotional videos thought to be created by Samsung, has emerged recently .

A bigger and faster fingerprint reader:

Samsung Galaxy S21

According to new reports, Samsung plans to introduce its new fingerprint scanner with Galaxy S21 models . According to Ice Universe’s reports, the fingerprint scanners that were introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S10 series and used in the Galaxy S20 models will also be used in the Galaxy S21, but this time the fingerprint scanner will be larger and faster than both models .

Reports state that the fingerprint scanner, which will be located under the OLED panel, will be square in shape and will be 64 square millimeters in size. In the previous two flagship models, 4×9 mm (36 square millimeters) sensors were used. This means that the fingerprint scanner to be used in the new model will grow by about 77 percent.