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Motorola razr 5G has the best selfie camera on the market

Motorola razr 5G

Over the past decade, we have witnessed tremendous advances in technology and innovation, especially in the world of mobile phones. New advances have allowed us to live and connect like never before by bringing a revolution in the way we create and share content.

Motorola’s philosophy of design, based on the direct wishes and needs of users, was the main principle behind the creation of the new Motorola razr 5G – the only flip phone that is equally useful when folded thanks to the Quick View display and the most advanced selfie camera on the market.

Although the word “selfie” recently became a colloquial term and was officially added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2013, taking selfies began almost 200 years ago . According to Google statistics, in 2014 alone, about 93 million selfies were taken on Android phones every day. With the growing popularity of selfies, high technology front cameras are still a priority for many users when choosing a new smartphone. And with the recently introduced razr 5G model, we have introduced to the world the most advanced selfie camera on the market.

The Quick View display brings a number of benefits that are unique to this model, and with a 48MP camera and Quad Pixel technology , the Motorola razr 5G allows users to take impressive selfies every time they activate the camera. The main 48MP sensor takes sharp and vivid photos with 4x increased sensitivity to light – when the exposure lasts longer, clarity and detail stand out in the foreground. Laser autofocus technology uses an advanced TOF sensor to help the camera focus quickly on the subject you are shooting in low light conditions. The new camera is super-fast and super-precise so you never miss a single shot.

In low light conditions, the camera also offers Night Vision mode to get more details out of the darkness. Combining multiple shots with different exposures, you get bright and vivid photos with stunning details and more precise colors. Activating the camera is only one hand away. When the screen is closed and locked, you can start it by swiping your fingers to the right side of the screen or using the Quick Capture function and simply turning the wrist. And thanks to the Auto Smile Capture option, you no longer have to press a button on the screen to capture an image – just smile and the phone will automatically take a selfie photo.

This unique hardware supports equally innovative software, razr 5G brings a number of advanced features that make your selfies even more creative. With camera modes like Group Selfie, Portrait Mode and Spot Color, you will never find it easier to take your best selfies. And the Motorola razr 5G interactive Quick View display and the most advanced camera on the market will help you with that.