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iPhone 12 has a big issue: Customers have taken Apple’s complaints section by storm

New iPhone models are starting to reach those who ordered them as soon as the pre-order session was launched. Unfortunately, the first dissatisfaction with Apple also appeared.


The new generation of iPhone 12 was launched with great pomp in October, a little later than Apple traditionally did every year. According to the calendar, these days the first models are starting to be sent to the customers who ordered them. Only the problems started to appear.

The new model of iPhone 12 mini does not seem to respond to commands when the screen is locked. Users have complained that they cannot quickly access the camera in lock screen mode and many of them immediately signaled this on the specialized forums, but also at Apple.


The new iPhone 12 mini has a problem

Users who chose the iPhone 12 mini chose it precisely because of its small size, which makes it easy to use with just one hand. Only it does not respond to commands given with the thumb when in lock screen mode. It does, it seems, only when it’s loaded or without the case, which is a problem.

Those who ordered it claim that they cannot quickly access the camera or flashlight and, in many cases, the phone does not answer when you swipe up with your thumb.

Apple had no reaction at the time.

Immediately after the launch, attention was drawn to an issue with the smallest model in the new generation of iPhone 12. The model has a 5.4-inch screen and Apple claims that it comes with the same features as the iPhone 12: the same type of screen , cameras, processor, software and other functions. All at a price about $ 100 lower.

Only the Americans omit to tell you something. Being smaller, the model is also equipped with a smaller battery. And that means, in short, that if you opt for the iPhone Mini, your model will download faster. The difference would be somewhere in two hours – about 17 hours of video playback for the iPhone 12 and about 15 hours for the Mini version.