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JBL DSP4086 and DSP2544 – New amplifiers for cars with built-in digital processor

JBL presents its new car audio amplifiers with a built-in DSP processor – JBL DSP4086 and JBL DSP2544 . New items are aimed at lovers of high-quality sound and have a full arsenal for creating and setting up a car speaker system.

The JBL DSP4086 is a compact 8-channel Class D amplifier with built-in DSP module, in which 6 input channels and 8 audio outputs are fully controlled by a digital audio processor. The JBL DSP2544 is based on a Class A / B amplifier and is equipped with 4 audio inputs, 4 audio outputs and 2 output channels with pre-amplification. The configuration is done through a proprietary PC application on the Windows operating system; all the necessary wires for connection are included in the delivery set. Full-range crossovers are available with selectable frequency and slope ranging from 0 to -48dB per octave, as well as 31-band graphic or parametric EQ. 

For each channel, gain level, output limiting and latency can be adjusted to 0.2ms, and the subwoofer is controlled directly from the driver’s seat using a wired power control. Balanced RCA input channels ensure minimal source distortion and are compatible with virtually any head unit. For connection to systems with different output connectors, RCA-to-screw adapters are included.

The JBL DSP4086 is rated at 60 watts per channel at 2 ohms and 40 watts per channel at 4 ohms, with a total peak power of 1000 watts . The low power consumption of the class D amplifier guarantees the permissible load on the on-board power system. The four-channel version of the JBL DSP2544 delivers 25 watts per channel into 4 ohms .