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Bloody M70 and M90: TWS headsets for gamers

The Bloody brand has introduced two new models of wireless TWS headsets: Bloody M70 and Bloody M90 . These products are a novelty for the gaming industry, adopting the form factor and convenience of TWS headsets, while retaining all the necessary characteristics for a comfortable game.

The headphones are created in an elegant laconic design. They will be appreciated not only by the viewers of game streams, but also by everyone around them. In addition, the Bloody M70 and Bloody M90 have separate sound modes for gaming and listening to music, which allows you to fine-tune the headphones for the chosen task.

Bloody M90 TWS Gaming Headset

The new items are equipped with a fifth generation Bluetooth module (in the M70 v.5.0, and in the M90 v. 5.1), which provides low latency of audio transmission and fast synchronization with compatible devices. The battery life of the M70 is about 6 hours, while the M90 is about 4 hours, which is considered one of the best indicators for TWS headphones. When using the charging case, the battery life of the M70 increases by another 18 hours, and the M90- up to 20 hours. Thus, the total operating cycle of the device is 24 hours without recharging the case. At the same time, thanks to the convenient design of the aluminum case, the model M90 has the possibility of both wireless charging and recharging the batteries using a cable.

And now the most interesting thing: the device’s membranes are made of nanomycelium and carbon fiber using MOCI technology . This provides an optimal balance of high and mid frequencies, which allows you to reveal the depth of music tracks and virtual environments in games. Thanks to this, TWS-headsets Bloody M70 and Bloody M90 can be attributed to universal solutions that are suitable for both gamers and audiophiles.

Bloody M70 TWS Gaming Headset

Both headsets are equipped with dual microphone noise canceling, and the M90 also features ANC active noise canceling technology . Extraneous noise is cut off not only when listening to music, but also during communication through a microphone. With the help of the latter, you can also give commands to voice assistants without taking your phone out of your pocket.

In addition, the earbuds are IPX4 water and dust resistant to protect against direct splashes. This will be a nice bonus for lovers of an active lifestyle, who are going to run a marathon in bad weather or decide to work out hard in the gym.

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